Intelligent Conversations

Intelligent Conversations

Everyone has a form of intelligence that resides in them. Our goal is to encourage our guests to have "Intelligent Conversations" and share their insights. Join host Josh Baker as he interviews people who may seem just as ordinary as you and me.
November 23, 2022x
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"Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine" feat. Cathy Nesbitt

Listen to Cathy Nesbitt in an episode about worms and the power of laughter. Cathy shares with us t...

November 16, 2022x
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"Understanding and Comprehending Humanity vs Systems" feat. Michaell Magrutsche

Listen to Michaell share his idea of how the world operates. Michaell shares how as humans we creat...

November 09, 2022x
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"Recognizing the Tall-Poppy Syndrome" feat. Douglas Garland, M.D.

Listen to Douglas Garland share with us about the Tall Poppy Syndrome. Doug shares how it is all ar...

November 02, 2022x
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"Organize Your Mind, Body & Environment" feat. Connie Ellefson

Listen to Connie Ellefson in an episode about organizing your life. Connie talks about the importan...

October 26, 2022x
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"Act & Serve When You Encounter Challenges" feat. Maricia Johns

Listen to this weeks episode featuring Maricia Johns! Maricia shares with us countless stories on o...