Intelligent Conversations

Intelligent Conversations

Everyone has a form of intelligence that resides in them. Our goal is to encourage our guests to have "Intelligent Conversations" and share their insights. Join host Josh Baker as he interviews people who may seem just as ordinary as you and me.
September 28, 2022x
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"Running a Creative Business" feat. John Ali

Listen to John Ali share how he runs a creative business. He owns and operates his own video produc...

September 21, 2022x
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"Live A Happy Life Despite Challenges" feat. Malcolm Wellington

Listen to Malcolm Wellington in this inspiring and awesome episode. He shares with us incredible ch...

September 14, 2022x
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"Just Try and See What Happens" feat. Prithvi Madhukar

Listen to Prithvi Madhukar as she shares her story with us. She talks about how she found her passi...

September 07, 2022x
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"Getting Freed From Stuck" feat. Susie Hayes

Listen to Susie in this inspiring and awesome episode! Susie shares her message about getting freed...

August 31, 2022x
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"Nurturing Big Ideas" feat. Yvonne DiVita

Listen to Yvonne DiVita in this informative and awesome episode! She shares with us how we read and...