"Capture the Moment & Then Live" feat. Ralph Velasco
Intelligent ConversationsFebruary 15, 202300:33:4130.84 MB

"Capture the Moment & Then Live" feat. Ralph Velasco

Listen to Ralph Velasco share his journey to becoming a traveling photographer. Ralph organizes small tour groups to capture some of the most breath-taking, picture perfect moments. He also tells us the importance of snapping a memory and then living for it! Tune in now to learn more about Ralph!

Hosted By: Josh Baker

Guest(s): Ralph Velasco

You can find Ralph on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn!

You can also catch Ralph on his YouTube channel and websites to learn more about his tours and classes!

PhotoEnrichment Adventures: https://PhotoEnrichment.com

Alla Campagna Experiences: https://AllaCampagna.com

Continental DRIFTER: https://ContinentalDRIFTER.co

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