Season 3

January 25, 2023x
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"Communicating in an Information Age" feat. Oak Mountain

Listen to this insightful episode with Oak Mountain! Oak is a Philosopher and Facilitator with 5+ y...

January 18, 2023x
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"Share, Learn, and Create Experiences" feat. Joanne Docherty

Listen to Joanne Docherty in an episode that will educate you about mental health. Joanne is the fo...

January 11, 2023x
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"The Non-Physical and Physical World" feat. Dr Alison J. Kay

Listen to Dr. Alison J Kay in this interesting episode! Dr. Alison J Kay is considered one of the l...

January 04, 2023x
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"Forget New Year Resolutions, Create a Bucket List" feat. Roger Williams

Start your new year (and season) with an episode that brings new meaning to bucket lists. Roger Wil...