Intelligent Conversations

Intelligent Conversations

Everyone has a form of intelligence that resides in them. We invite guests from various backgrounds to share with you what makes them unique. Our hope is that you and I can learn & grow together. Join host Josh Baker every Wednesday to learn from new and interesting people!
May 15, 202400:43:48

Focus on Improvement | Sabeen Sheikh | Season 4 Episode 18

Listen to Sabeen Sheikh share her journey of helping student improve communication. Sabeen is an edu...

May 08, 202400:37:09

Communicate Clearly | Jennifer Furlong | Season 4 Episode 17

Listen to Jennifer Furlong share the types of communication styles and how you can become a more eff...

May 01, 202400:44:56

Scaling and Executing an Idea | Nick Barrett | Season 4 Episode 16

Listen to Nick Barrett return on the show! Nick is an entrepreneur and the founder of Cordbrick. Cor...

April 17, 202400:35:25

The Guide to College | Dominique Padurano | Season 4 Episode 15

Listen to Dominique Padurano (aka Dr P) share her experience in helping students prep for college. D...

April 10, 202400:36:09

Growth Instead of Results | Walter Holmes | Season 4 Episode 14

Listen to Walter Holmes share his thoughts on improving how students learn. Walter is the founder of...