"Disrupting the Water Industry" feat. Riggs Eckelberry
Intelligent ConversationsApril 03, 2024x
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"Disrupting the Water Industry" feat. Riggs Eckelberry

Listen to Riggs Eckelberry share with us how he is disrupting the water space. Riggs is the founder of the public company OriginClear. He has helped develop innovative solutions to help businesses facing rising water bills by tapping into new investment markets. He is even pioneering the development of water stable coins, a cryptocurrency backed by water assets. With a diverse background in nonprofit management, ocean going navigation, and technology disruption, Riggs is uniquely qualified to bring change to an outdated and overrun industry. Tune in now to learn more about Riggs Eckelberry!

Hosted By: Josh Baker

Guest(s): Riggs Eckelberry

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