"Foster Care And The Tough Reality" feat. Dr John DeGarmo
Intelligent ConversationsApril 26, 2023x
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"Foster Care And The Tough Reality" feat. Dr John DeGarmo

Listen to Dr. John DeGarmo share with us some of the tough realities of foster care. Dr DeGarmo is the leading international foster care expert and consultant. He and his family have won multiple awards like the Good Morning America Ultimate Hero Award, Citizens of the Year, and that's just the beginning. Dr DeGarmo and his wife have been a foster parent to over 60 children over the years in their area. Tune in now to learn more about Dr DeGarmo and his work now!

Hosted By: Josh Baker

Guest(s): Dr John DeGarmo

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You can also learn more about Dr DeGarmo's work on his website https://www.drjohndegarmofostercare.com/ or find his book here.

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